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Medical diagnosis is also synonymously and combinatorially referred as clinical diagnosis; is a process of determining nature and cause/s of the disease/s or the etiology explains and correlates a person’s signs and symptoms in order to access the ailments & efficiently treat. Clinical diagnosis and its correlation is the hallmark of the pathology, clinical complications & etiology and likewise, sensitive, accredited, accurate and trustworthy diagnostic tools & methods are benchmark for any diagnosis and its establishment.

Diagnosis alone is often challenging, because many signs and symptoms are nonspecific, modern medical science depends to a large extent on scientific tests and indispensable supplementation for clinicians in prompt diagnosis of diseases. Thus modern diagnosis, in which several possible explanations are compared and contrasted, must be performed by technically qualified human resources in state of the art facility for qualitative, differential and decisive diagnosis.

Despite of mushrooming and fragmented growth of diagnostic industry across India; we are still lag behind in connecting reputed region specific clinical centres with an Initiative for Promoting Affordable and Quality Tests (IPAQT) for community at large. Regional facility that should have integrated cutting edge diagnostic technology, operational automation to avoid ambiguity and human error, accredited and organised clinical centres are scanty in view of its benchmark significance in services to medical science.

Considering the cumulative concern and call for customized change in community clinical care; we operationally proposed to formally establish a state of the art facility having comprehensive and complete solution centre, of the community, by the community within, for the connecting community choice i.e. Community Diagnostic Centre.

To accomplish the existing and indigenous array of lacuna and afflicted community diagnostic care; are inevitable, obvious and spontaneous underlying concept of regional commissioning of CDC. From conceiving the very idea to commissioning of CDC in the interface of community healthcare as holistic solution and corroborated to overcome the deficiency in diagnosis is established with an orchestrated and organized objective. The very objective of CDC lies in its scansion i.e.


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